Mental Health Nursing

The mental health nursing subunit will nurture an educational framework and learning environment that will develop the student’s intellectual and intuitive abilities in order to facilitate the development of independent judgement and problem-solving skills by stimulation of enquiry and creative approach in both the theory and practice of mental health nursing. The subunit will also develop the student’s ability to respond to changing needs in mental health care in an analytical way; and integration of evidence based practice in mental health nursing. The sub unit will also stimulate mental health nursing leadership underpinned by knowledge and understanding of relevant nursing and social theories and conceptual frameworks.

Learning process will spiral from classroom to Community and Institution Based Education and Extension Services (CIBEES) model thus molding an all-round learner and nurse.

Career trajectory for students with community health and/or mental health nursing interest is diverse. The graduates can work in clinical area, research, training, private practice, policy making and consultancy at local, national and international level and in government, private and non-governmental bodies.