Strategic Focus

Kibabii University School of Nursing derives its focus from the University’s Vision of achieving excellence in generation, transmission and enhancement of new knowledge in Science, Technology and Innovation through quality Teaching, Research, Training, Scholarship, Consultancy and Outreach programmes.

The School of Nursing has therefore crystalized this endeavor into three focus areas; Education, research and innovation and service.




  • To offer quality and market driven programmes in conformity with CUE Standards by integration ICT, community and clinical linkage
  • Establish Kibabii University School of Nursing as the best in academic practices and an innovator in preparing students for practice within complex and changing systems to improve the health of the populations served.
  • Co-create learning environment that is responsive to the changing trends, and develop nurses who are leaders in local and global health care systems, policy and research.
  • Integrate innovative teaching and learning strategies that promote learning that is responsive to the needs of diverse populations and health care settings for our students, clinical partners, faculty, and community clients.
  • Provide leadership and participation in collaborative Community and Institution Based Education and Extension Services (CIBEES).



Research and Innovation

  • Be a center of excellence health research and innovation
  • Strengthen research in the School of Nursing by; participating in funded research activities, promoting collaborative research, establishing joint multidisciplinary/institution teams and disseminating research findings.
  • Conduct health related consultancies under the Health Consultancy Unit under University Consultancy Firm
  • Foster distinction in research and scholarship that contributes to the health and wellness of individuals and communities in different settings.
  • Generate, examine, and refine health related knowledge through research that can influence policy locally, nationally and globally.
  • Design, implement and measure evidence- and rights- based interventions that are of high quality, inclusive and safe for individuals and groups.
  • Articulate research agenda that reflects faculty expertise, scholarship and leadership in the local, national and international development and health agenda




  • Establish and maintain responsive Administrative and leadership systems for service delivery
  • Collaborate and partner with communities and health entities in Western Kenya in meeting health priorities and improving care outcomes by enhancing student’s educational opportunities through Community and Institution Based Education and Extension Services (CIBEES).
  • Foster collaborative research opportunities for students and faculty through local community and institutional partnerships thus enhancing self-reliance in meeting individual and group health needs and improving intervention ownership and outcome.
  • Nurture curriculum innovation and design that is enriched by industry trends through partnership with health care system across all the levels.
  • Provide leadership at all levels of healthcare system and health continuum locally and globally that ensures access to quality, safe, and cost-effective health care.
  • Expand and Maintain access to clinical services in the partner training health institutions
  • Integrate ethical principles in preserving rights based care to individuals and groups as envisaged in the Kenyan Constitution and other ratified international conventions.
  • Explore the impact of social determinants of health on health outcomes of individuals and community at large during Community and Institution Based Education and Extension Services.
  • Leverage the Kibabii University School of Nursing’s strengths to create positive change in health care delivery, health policy, and population health outcomes.
  • Develop and implement evidence-based leadership in inter-professional practice and education in order to lead change.
  • Foster individual and team engagement research, community service and clinical practice.
  • Innovate and Implement strategies that increase Kibabii University School of Nursing visibility by creating positive impact in research, community partnership, clinical faculty engagement, endowed learners and other disciplines.